Kenah Trusewich

April 15th 2023 



SMALL RAVE has done it again! The second rave at Whammy Backroom was a blast, and we couldn't be happier to see so many glowing faces! The line-up was top-not featuring the talented Suren Unka, Crisis Actor B2B with Slav Sauna, and our resident DJ, Fergus Waveforms. Overall, it was an amazing night that left us wanting more!!







Fergus Waveforms kicked off the night in style, donning his signature SMALL RAVE red boiler suit and spinning some classic funk and soul tracks to get the crowd moving. He seamlessly transitioned into a groovy house set, keeping the energy high and the beats flowing. 

This time around he was accompanied by a microphone to host the event which gave it a special SMALL RAVE twang, reminiscent of the SMALL RAVE's back in Brooklyn, New York. 

We were thrilled to welcome a diverse and vibrant crowd to this edition of SMALL RAVE, including many new faces who had discovered the event through the electronic lovers Facebook pages. It was heartening to see so many people with similar tastes in music coming together to dance and connect. 


Taking the stage next was Suren Unka, a longtime friend of SMALL RAVE and a true musical talent. In addition to his skills as a DJ, Suren is a renowned music producer and audio engineer. He delivered a hard-hitting electro set that had the crowd bouncing with energy, and one of the standout moments was when he dropped a high-octane edit of a Dua Lipa track.




Closing out night was everyones favorite couple and DJ duo Slav Sauna and Crisis Actor. They took the energy level up to a crescendo with their hardcore rave belters, playing two or three tracks each in rapid succession. The duo even treated us to some synchronized dancing!


We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the SMALL RAVERS who joined us for another unforgettable night of music and fun. We loved seeing everyone get into the spirit of the event, dancing under the neon lights and silly decorations. Special shoutout to our big old silver monster, whose nails were freshly painted just for the occasion! It's always a pleasure to see the SMALL RAVE community come together and make magic happen on the dance floor. Until next time, keep grooving!

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