SMALL RAVE Set List: 2023 Trend Prediction, 5 Saxophone Dance Tracks

Fergus Waveforms

February 21st 2020  


I’ve been reading everyone's trend predictions for 2023, and I’m here to give my 2 cents  - move over rumble kicks, 2023 is all about saxophonesWith heavy warehouse techno gaining unprecedented mainstream popularity, it's time to take a break from the dark and heavy sounds and embrace the soulful saxophone. In this blog post, we're showcasing five timeless saxophone dance tracks that are a must-listen for any dance music lover.


Guru Josh 1990 - It’s Time For the Guru album art'10433374422 / musicbrainz /


1. Guru Josh 1990 - It’s Time For the Guru -


This electronica song dropped in 1990 and its album cover is a relic of the time. It begins with a wistful saxophone rift, over a bed of angelic synth pads, before dropping into a full ’90s techno grove.



Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz recordmaxresdefault./ Covert Operative /


2. Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz -


Elegant, bubbly synths and crisp 909 percussions build the foundation for the powerful sax solo in this undeniable Detroit techno classic. It sounds like a futuristic spaceship ride, but the swells of emotion throughout remind you there are still humans on board.



808 Pacific State album art

808State-Pacific-FR-12-A / /


3. 808 State - Pacific State -


This hazy track gives a feeling of a humid tropical island. It even features jungle animal sounds and dolphin calls. The saxophone confidently guides you through the rainforest heat.



laurent garnier album art

R-694-1447722482-9902 / Senki_Dala / / Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face 


4. Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face


This french house classic is literally named after the saxophonist's face during the recording session. You can really hear he's giving it everything he's got. It starts off with a slow burn but has a monstrous payoff.



Nu Yorican Soul - The Nervous Track - album art1200x1200bf-60 / /


5. Nu Yorican Soul - The Nervous Track


This Masters At Work production features dubbed-out horns over shuffling Latin percussion. It can be a useful pallet cleaner in a DJ set, to give you a chance to shift the mood in any number of directions. It's a really great way to give people a breather before changing the vibe. 




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